As an employer, your first step to hiring the right person is to write a stellar job description. An effective description will provide readers with important details about the job and the qualifications required to do the job. If you fail to write a description that holds the attention of readers, you may not receive the number of applicants you hoped for. Luckily, there are ways to write a job description that will attract only top-notch candidates.

Use Professional-Sounding Keywords

When a highly skilled worker looks for a job, they tend to use serious phrases. This means when they utilize the search bar on a website, more than likely, they won’t be typing words like “ninja” or “guru” into them. If you want to attract professional applicants, you need to use professional language. Don’t feel the need to sound hip or young when writing your description, and if you really want to write an effective posting, use certain keywords that job seekers in your field tend to use when looking for a job.

Include Important Details

A detailed job description is a good job description; however, avoid writing an entire novel. Jobseekers want to know as much about a job as possible before they apply, but at the same time, if a description is too long, they may get intimidated. When writing a description, be sure it includes the following information:

  • Day-to-day responsibilities and tasks
  • Who the person in the position reports to
  • Years of experience
  • Role in the overall organization
  • Salary range and benefits information

Be upfront when writing about salary, and avoid using vague language that can make your description sound untrustworthy.

What Can You Offer?

What can you do for your employees? This may sound like a strange question, but modern job seekers have a wide range of jobs to choose from. This means they will be looking for jobs at companies that embody their values and offer a healthy work-life balance.

Discuss Your Staffing Needs

If you are ready to build a professional team you can count on, it may be time to call TKO Construction. We specialize in helping companies of all sizes find skilled and hardworking individuals to fill their vacant positions. Contact us today to discuss your staffing needs.

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