Many employers balk at the idea of exit interviews, but in reality, asking a few simple questions can make a major difference. When employees leave, it tends to be for a reason, and if you don’t find this particular reason out, you risk losing other employees in the same manner. Unfortunately, workers who are currently employed at your company are not likely to speak out, but those who are leaving have the luxury of being honest and frank about conditions in the workplace. If you are a manager or supervisor, here are some tips to help you conduct exit interviews the right way.


Schedule a Face-to-Face Meeting

Some employers email exit interviews to save time and money, but in reality, ex-employees are more likely to give you more details if you meet with them face to face. Meeting in person will give the departing employee the impression you are truly interested in hearing what they have to say, which in turn, will prompt them to be more truthful and direct. Schedule the meeting in advance so the employee will have time to collect their thoughts.


Ask the Right Questions

If you want your exit interview to be fruitful, you need to ask the right questions. During the interview, ask the following questions:

  • Would you work for us again?
  • What working conditions could be improved?
  • If you could, would you change anything about your job or the company?
  • Why are you leaving?
  • On a scale of one to five, how would you rate the effectiveness of management?

When formulating questions, make sure they are simple and direct.


Take Action

After collecting information from the interview, you will need to put what you learned into practice. Use the information to make improvements in the workplace and to prevent your best workers from leaving. If you collect multiple interviews with similar answers, you will definitely want to take some sort of action in the workplace.


Find and Retain the Right Employees

If you are having difficulty finding and retaining employees, you are not alone. Many companies turn to staffing agencies to help them find the top talent in their respective industries. Contact us today to discuss your employment needs with a TKO Construction representative today.

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