The arrival of the new year is synonymous with setting goals. Most Americans enter the new year with resolutions, plans and dreams, hoping the fresh start will put them on a better path. While individuals will focus on their health and financial goals, it’s important for businesses to have plans in place as well.


What are your business goals for 2018? If you haven’t made yours yet, think about the following tips for setting your business goals this year:


  1. Create or re-examine your long-term business plan

Before you can plan for the year ahead, you need to think about where you want to be in three to five years. If you’ve created this plan already, look through it and make sure it’s still where you see your company heading. If it’s something new, take time to think through and document where you want to be in five years, and how you plan to achieve that goal. This will help with set short-term goals.


  1. Set your short-term goals

While your long-term plans give you a broad scope, attempting to reach the end with a strategy for the middle can be overwhelming. Using manageable action steps to reach your goal can keep the process simpler and keep employees motivated.


  1. Make sure your short-term goals are SMART

SMART is an acronym used in many industries because of the accessible ways it defines your goals. The ‘s’ stands for smart; ‘m’ for measurable; ‘a’ for achievable; ‘r’ for realistic; and ‘t’ for timely. These five words will guide your action steps to make sure the benchmarks are being reached without your team losing focus or steam.


  1. Follow-up and follow-through

Once you have your goals set, you don’t want to forget about them. To ensure the follow-through, set up regular meetings in advance to go over what is being achieved with your team. This follow-up will allow you to see what’s getting done and what isn’t, as well as determine if anything needs to be modified moving forward.


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