When you think about communication in your workplace, do you see room for improvement? If an environment is communicative and everyone feels heard and valued, you’ll notice a more positive, encouraging and successful workplace for everyone.


Unfortunately, too many cultures don’t focus on workplace communication and employees might feel underappreciated or unheard. To keep your employees positive, try the following strategies for improving workplace communication.


  1. Listen

Sometimes too much of the communication focus can be on talking, but the most important aspect is listening. This goes beyond simply hearing someone out; it’s truly listening. When an employee asks to speak with you, give them your complete and undivided attention. Anything less may cause them to feel as if the matter wasn’t important to at all.


If you’re addressing a topic at a meeting, or just generally to the office, allow others to offer feedback and pay attention to what they have to say. Instead of talking at them, make it an active conversation. This will not only improve morale, it will produce new ideas for your company.


  1. Consider all the ways you’re communicating

Whether listening or speaking, your body language can say a lot about the message you’re sending. If someone is talking to you, stay engaged. Look them in the eye and respond when appropriate. Checking your watch or fidgeting may convey there’s another matter you value more waiting.


Likewise, when speaking, your body can say more than your words. If you seem tense with your arms crossed, employees might read this as a negative sign about your message. Try and appear relaxed, with your arms down and a neutral expression.


  1. Keep everyone informed

Word travels quickly in an office, so staying ahead of the news is crucial. If something is happening, it’s better to control the message and get it to your team quickly instead of waiting for everyone to find out incorrect facts around the water cooler.


If there’s a meeting, make sure you designate a note taker who will follow up with all the relevant participants after with succinct notes, so even those who could not attend know what’s going on with the company.


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