There are a lot of steps to follow when hiring a new employee. The goal is to get them in as soon as possible, and sometimes important steps might be overlooked. Your workforce is already dedicating time away from their regular responsibilities to assist with the vacant position and help process new applicants. Pre-employment background checks might be another step your company doesn’t want to add into the process.


Some might make the argument that once the applicant is hired or even a serious candidate, the background check will be completed, but by then it might be too late. You might feel this person is the best fit, send them through the entire interview process and extend the offer only to learn something disqualifying from the background check. Consider these reasons for conducting a pre-employment background check during the screening process.


  1. Verify everything they’ve listed on their resume

A job interview is a performance that most experienced applicants are good at. They’re aware of what you’re looking for and might say or do whatever it takes to stand out. A background check will verify everything they’ve sent you and give a big picture of who the person is, one you might not see during an interview.


  1. See all past infractions

One of the major takeaways from a background check is criminal history. It is essential to know the candidate is safe to hire and won’t cause discomfort or uneasiness with your team or customers. Some checks will even reveal credit and driving information. While these might not be red flags for every position, if you’re looking to hire a driver or someone in your financial department, that information might be crucial. If you hire a driver with a DUI, and they get into an accident while at work, this can give the liability to your company for not vetting your candidates better.


  1. Maintain a drug-free culture

While defining what that looks like is unique to your company, a background check can make you aware of any past drug-related legal issues. Some companies even offer drug screening at the beginning of the process to see if an applicant is using or has used recently.


  1. Know you’re hiring the right person

All of these reasons come down to the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you’ve found the right fit who isn’t going to have any surprises down the line. Prescreening is an additional step in a long process, but ultimately, it can make everything easier.


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