Some people are natural born charmers, and occasionally, they stumble into your conference room for a job interview. Maybe the qualifications line up with how well the interview is going, or maybe you’re surprised at how well it’s going based on their resume. Next, you might interview your most qualified candidate but feel underwhelmed with the interview experience.


With two different extremes, how can you ensure you’re hiring the right person for your team, and not just the candidate who interviewed better? Try following these three tips to select your next best employee:


Avoid Common Questions

If you have an applicant who is good at working a room, it’s likely they’re prepared for the standard questions asked in most interviews. Try to get all your interviewees thinking with questions that help you learn more about them and cause them to think quickly.


See How They Interact With Others

Perhaps the stellar interviewee will work hard to impress you or others directly related to their department, but they might miss opportunities to show that same kind of attention to others. Have an employee from an unrelated team conduct a tour and ask for feedback after the interview. Check in with whomever greeted the candidate to see how they interacted in the reception area.


Examine the Questions They Ask

Is the candidate curious about your company and practices, or are their questions more selfish, related to pay and benefits? A good fit for your team will want to know more and express how they can contribute to your environment.


These are a few tips to see if your candidate is the real deal or a big talker who will be an underwhelming addition to your workforce. Sometimes a quiet and seemingly timid voice might bring the right skills to take your company to the next level.


Take the Guesswork Out of Selecting Applicants

At TKO Construction Services, we value partnerships with our clients. We want to find you the best temporary or full-time addition to your team fast. We specialize in construction, heavy and light industrial, and energy recruitment. Instead of having to sort through from dozens to hundreds of applicants, we can send you top performers to make your life easier. Contact us to find out more about TKO today!


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