It’s easy to notice major issues in your workplace. If someone is blatantly disobeying the rules or misbehaving, you can see it and take action almost immediately. Problem employees may be disrespectful or negligent, causing others in your environment to feel upset or uncomfortable. Underperformance, however, is harder to diagnose.


Sometimes confused with misconduct, underperforming is essentially poor performance – the employee isn’t fulfilling all of the duties assigned to them in the standard amount of time. This person might even be well-liked in your office and helpful in certain situations, but if they aren’t doing their job, action is necessary. If you think an employee is underperforming, try this process for possible resolution.


Schedule a meeting to discuss their position


It’s important to make sure your employee understands what the expectations of their position are before trying to correct anything. They may not realize there’s an issue because they’re on a completely different page.


If you discern the employee is aware, figure out what is causing the disconnect with performance. Do they feel they need more training? Are they struggling under the weight of too many projects and unable to finish in a timely manner? Is something going on at home? Discovering why will lead you to a plan to get the employee back on track.


Create a performance improvement plan


Once the problem is identified, you’ll understand the best way to help the employee. Developing this plan with measurable and attainable goals will help guide them and stay focused. The specific action steps will depend on what the issue was and how it can be resolved. Perhaps this means taking some projects off their plate.


Meeting throughout the length of the plan will keep you in the loop and see if what you’re trying is working. Best case scenario is your employee begins to level out and is no longer underperforming. Worst case is you realize it goes beyond issues and workloads. Maybe this hire just isn’t right for the position.


Evaluation and next steps


At the end of the performance plan, you’ll need to decide the next steps. Hopefully your employee won’t need additional guidance and they learned the expectations and proper time management skills. In some cases, you might see improvements, but decide an extended plan is necessary. This is also the time to decide if the right resolution involves parting ways with or transferring the employee.


Fight underperformance with the right team members


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