Offices are a hot bed of gossip, especially when the rumors are related to business matters. Information leaks from the top leading employees to speculate and fabricate. These stories can cause employees unnecessary stress as they worry about potential layoffs, dips in business, bankruptcy or even personal grudges.


Promoting a company culture focused on open communication lines can relieve this stress and allow your team to feel more secure in their positions. More than stress reduction, you can see a boost in motivation and productivity.


Start at the top


The idea of open communication is a good, but naïve idea if the managers at the top aren’t committed. These men and women should have the initial buy-in to make sure the communication lines are open and stay open. If your employees hear changes are being made, but information is still being trapped at the top, you might see more unrest and anxiety.


Establish a process


Once you have the team at the top committed, establish how this communication will work in your office. Address issues in a timely manner to all employees instead of staying mum. Hold meetings where employees are invited and welcome to share their ideas and feedback for growth. It’s important to not only say you’re committed to open communication, you need to set up specific ways it will be achieved.


Keep positive


Bad news in business is inevitable, so make sure your communication lines focus on the positive when you can. Simply communicating the bad will cause your team to be anxious whenever an all-company email is sent, or an unexpected meeting is called. Acknowledge exemplary performance and when your team exceeds their goals. This way your team isn’t always expecting bad news when they hear from you.


Enjoy the benefits


Once your communication lines improve, you’ll notice a number of improvements among your team. Motivation will likely increase because they’ll feel more a part of your mission. Because of this, productivity will also see a boost. Your brand will become even stronger because content, engaged employees make all the difference.


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