Certain work environments are inherently more dangerous, leading to the presence of more regulations to ensure employee safety. One common method is to actually hire safety personnel whose sole focus is maintaining a safe environment and educating their co-workers about procedures and practices to aid in their well-being.


Beyond just company policies, organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) create rules and regulate industries to enforce standards to reduce workforce risks. Employing safety personnel can help ensure your company is up to par with these regulations to keep everyone safe.


Who should you hire?


Because of the nature of a job in safety, you don’t want to hire just anyone. The first step to bringing on the right person is to conduct background and reference checks. These will show any past infractions that might cause you to doubt extending an offer. A candidate might seem great on paper and in the interview, but this information can confirm if your intuition is right or if you need to select someone else.


Look for passion, determination and thoughtfulness.


Safety isn’t the kind of job someone would stumble into. It takes a passion for understanding the rules and an ability to see and correct unsafe environments. If someone doesn’t have this passion, it’s likely they will miss potential issues, leading to problems for your company. Plus, with so many laws regarding work environments, you want someone who will take the time to research and learn the rules of your company and laws from governing bodies.


More than passionate, they must be determined. Pushback to rules is common, especially when they seem to inconvenience workers. Implementing changes to procedures might be hard and you want someone who isn’t going to give up when everyone gets upset. They will understand the value of keeping the team safe is more important than being liked.


Finally, hire someone who can communicate with a thoughtfulness that will enable them to make the hard changes and not be rude in the process. When people complain, they need to be able to handle themselves and answer questions without getting upset or frustrated because people don’t automatically listen to them. They need to be firm but personable.


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