Everything might point to a competitive job market filled with professionals actively seeking new careers, but you’re still struggling to fill a position at your company. Your inbox is filled with updates about applicants who don’t quite fit your ideal, or maybe nothing is coming in at all. If you’re having trouble finding the right candidate, it might be time to change things up.


Consider where you’re sharing


Other than posting open positions on your website, it’s likely you’re also using online job posting sites, such as Indeed and Monster. While these can be effective ways to get your positions out to a general audience, you might be missing a more targeted market.


Social media, as strange as it sounds, has become a top place for job seekers to find positions. LinkedIn has long been a ruler in connecting qualified people to interested companies, but Facebook Jobs is here to reach its nearly 2 billion users. Like other job boards, you can share the opening to the site, but you can also promote it to targeted audiences and share it right on your Timeline, so if a candidate is interested in your company, they can find it easily.


Interestingly, Twitter is also a growing way to find applicants. Hashtags make it easy for searchers to find your listing and the microblogging capabilities encourage a conversation.


The growth in social media’s role in the job search can be attributed to the fact that approximately 85 percent of all jobs are filled through networking. A job board is more of a cold call from an applicant expressing interest, but social represents a continued conversation that builds relationships. Your network means everything, and you can leverage that through these sites.


Do some editing


Outside of sharing to different sites, you should also look at the title and description of your job post. Often outdated descriptions or company-specific titles may make it challenging for job seekers to find your posts or want to apply.


Every company has its own naming conventions, but if it’s not a general term, a candidate likely won’t know to search for it. Remember, you just need a way to attract a client using the industry-equivalent to what you’re looking for.


Stay up-to-date with your description by editing it between each posting. Reusing the listing each time you fill a position could cause you to misrepresent what the job looks like. Talk to your employee who’s leaving to determine the right language and do research to make sure what you’re saying is relevant with today’s terms.


Try partnering with a recruiter


Filling a position can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Trust a staffing agency to find you the right candidates and place someone faster and easier. If you need help with construction recruiting, contact TKO Construction Services!

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