The arrival of warmer weather is welcomed with open arms from much of the country, but for some it signals the start of a dangerous season. Air conditioning becomes a worker’s best friend, but for those in industries like construction, they experience no such relief. More than just the heat bothering them as they work outside, it can lead to serious health issues. Before it gets too hot, learn these tips to make sure you’re safe outside this summer.


Stay hydrated


While this is a no-brainer, it’s crucial to stick to it when you’re outside. Start your day with a glass of water and try and drink one every quarter of an hour. Keep your water close to you, using a cooler or regulating bottle to keep it cool. Water that warms up to room temperature or hotter doesn’t have quite the same effect. As refreshing as they might seem at the time, avoid beverages full of sugar like energy drinks and soda. Selections like Gatorade can help replace electrolytes when you’re working hard and keep you moving.


Watch what you eat


You should always try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, but in the summer it can save your life. Heavy, greasy foods can make you sluggish and sleepy, causing you to be less attentive while you’re on the job. Try to make your lunch light to keep you awake and away from danger. If you aren’t alert, you might make a mistake that could cause injury to you or a co-worker.


Sleep well


Another way to avoid sleepiness on the job is to make sure you’re sleeping enough and in ideal environments. If it’s too warm, you might experience trouble falling asleep and staying in REM. Make sure your room is cool and dark.


Know the signs of heat stress


This one is important for you and your crew. Knowing what heat stress looks like can keep everyone safe and allow for quick assistance should help be needed. Symptoms include:


  • Hot skin but no sweating
  • Cramps related to temperature
  • Mental confusion
  • Passing out


If you experience any of these or notice a co-worker seeming they’re out of it or complaining of cramping, call 911 right away.


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