A dangerous trap to fall into in your workplace is assuming it’s “safe enough.” You’ve done a quick examination and after finding no major issues, your assumption becomes everything is fine. Too often, it’s not until an accident occurs that you realize your mistake.


When pursuing a safe work environment, the key is to be proactive with potential problems, instead of reactive to problems when they happen. One of the best ways to take an active stance toward creating a safer workspace is to have a workplace safety audit. You’ll have a list of your safety systems and practices, so you can monitor their compliance to legal requirements. Additionally, the audit will monitor work practices to ensure they are safe.


In some cases, a company will accompany the audit with regular occupational safety and health inspections because safety hazards may overlap. While this is an option for a planned inspection, they can also be an impromptu tour around the facility. Implementing workplace safety audits is an important step to take in your organization.


Learn More About Employee Concerns


Through the audit, you will examine your current safety procedures and talk with workers to learn their opinions. See what they think is working and what methods are still unsafe. Perhaps they have an idea to take a system and make it more efficient.


Better Understand the Work Completed


By regularly inspecting the procedures and equipment, you can learn more about life in the warehouse and appreciate those who do these jobs every day. It gives you a new perspective and understanding of the work being done.


Make Changes


Most importantly, what you learn from your safety audit will allow you to make changes where necessary so you’re aware of what’s going on and working to make sure there are no accidents.


While safety audits should be done in every company, they are especially crucial for construction businesses. Often, these workers are in unsafe environments, including at great height, and the need for heightened safety is paramount. Keep your team safe by addressing risks with a safety audit.


Hire a Safe Team With TKO Construction Services


We want you to have a safe environment, and we know a key component of that is making sure you have a team of people who are dedicated to this, as well. TKO Construction Services is one of the most trusted construction temp agencies in Minnesota and North Dakota, and we can provide the people you need. Contact us today to learn more.


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