During the hiring process, there are a few obvious things you look for in candidates – what they’ve done before and where, for example. Experience is the most important area you consider, because you want to hire someone you know can do the job. While skills are naturally important, there are other qualities to consider, as well.


Long-Term Potential


If you had an applicant who told you in the first interview they weren’t looking to stay anywhere long, it’s likely you wouldn’t consider extending them an offer. You know the value of retaining your talent, and you want someone who plans to stick around as well. Look into their past work experience and see how long they stayed with past companies and why they left. This can help you learn more about their potential longevity on your team.


Passion and Enthusiasm


Enthusiasm is not only valuable for what it brings to their work; it also ties into long-term employment. The more they like what they do and your company, the more likely it is they’ll want to stay. Ask them questions about their field and experience, and see how excited or passionate they become when discussing what they do.




When you hire a new employee, you want to see them grow in their current role and beyond. If their resume and interview indicate they seek out positions where the work is always the same, it could be likely they aren’t trying to advance or look for new opportunities. Ask them about where they want to go and see if they have some semblance of a plan. If you interview someone with a lack of passion and desire to grow, they probably aren’t the best hire.




Watch their interactions when they come to your office. See how they treat the people they interact with along the way, as well as how they respond to you in the interview. Are they respectful with obvious manners? Or do they brisk through their responses with considering any level of politeness?


Team Player


You might stumble over someone with an impressive track record, but is clearly self-centered. While the results they get are tempting, you need to remember the value of hiring people who care your company and their co-workers, not just themselves. Your organization is a team and you want a new hire to view it that way, instead of a one-man show.


Take the Stress Out of Finding New Hires


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