Few things in life can cause more of a visceral reaction than the suggestion of change. Many people don’t appreciate it at any level, avoiding it at all costs. As an employer, you’ve likely experienced this negative reaction in your workplace. Employees especially like things to stay as they are. The more comfortable they become and the longer they stay, the less likely they are to embrace change. While this can present problems, try these tips to implement change in your office.


Make Sure Leadership Is All-In


Because change is usually a top down approach, you will have some management clearly behind the initiatives. In some situations, this might not include everyone. Before rolling out to your entire workforce, plan with all members of leadership to get their complete buy-in and understanding. If they aren’t on board and reinforcing the vision, employees may receive mixed messages. You want all the members of your team to be able to effectively communicate the “what” and the “how.”


Let Your Employees Know the Benefits for Them


Explaining how these changes will improve the company might incentivize some, but most will want to know what’s in it for them. Take time to map out these benefits on a personal level before rolling out the program, so you can present both at the same time. This will not only save some grumbling later, but you might find some grateful employees who feel you were thinking of their lives, as well.


Get Them Excited


The announcement of change shouldn’t be the last mention of it before the transition occurs. Continue to offer ways to engage your employees with what’s going on, and keep them excited until the plan comes to fruition. By remaining engaged, they will slowly adjust to the changes, instead of grudgingly going along with them when they occur.


Keep It Going


Once the change is done, don’t let the momentum die. Recognize those who are doing well and encourage others. You want to make sure these changes last, instead of being forgotten like so many office plans.


We’re Here to Help in the Changes


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