An important skill you look for in a candidate is that they’re detail-oriented. Employees like this do higher quality work and make less mistakes, meaning you can rely on them to produce reliable results. Unfortunately, this can be challenging to spot before they begin working for you. Here are a few ways to identify if your candidate is detail-oriented during the interview process.

Start by examining their resume and cover letter

Even if spelling or grammar won’t be a major part of a candidate’s job, the idea is the resume and cover letter help them put their best foot forward. If they submit something with a typo, it shows they didn’t really take the time to review before submission. You want a candidate who pays attention to the small things even if they aren’t position relevant, which means you need someone who takes the time to edit and edit again their resume.

Ask them about a mistake they’ve made in the past

Part of being a human means mistakes are inevitable and learning about one your candidate made as well as how they corrected it can provide major insight into their character and problem-solving skills. You want to see their thoroughness as well as their quick-thinking to solve an issue.

Ask them about quality-assurance methods

It’s easy to be thorough when you have time, but the reality of a job is that often times are hectic and there isn’t endless time to proof everything. By finding out what they do during busy seasons, you can learn more about their priorities as well as how they cope under a heavy workload.

Ask them about confronting a manager over a mistake

If they’ve ever noticed a manager-made mistake, find out if they ignored it or discussed it with their boss. How they handled the situation not only shows their own attention to detail, but their respect in the workplace and their ability to navigate potential conflict.

Ask them the obvious question

Sometimes it’s easiest to just ask them if they’re detail oriented and to provide examples of this in their life. While they may be more likely to say yes, you can usually tell through their examples if they truly are detail-oriented or just telling you what you want to hear.

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