Turnover is unavoidable in business, making it a great plague to employers. When an employee leaves, a hole is created in the workforce that causes several people to have to adjust to fill the void. As a result, teams are less productive, and the job search must begin. Even after someone is hired, there is time and money involved with the training process.

While turnover will never go away, there is a way to decrease it in your organization. Here are a few ways partnering with a staffing agency can help with your employee turnover.

Staffing agencies find the right matches

Because temp staffing agencies are thorough in their search, you can trust in who they find for you. They go through backgrounds and make sure they’re finding the candidates with the ideal qualities to do what your open position requires. Plus, due to their niche market, the employment agency you work with will likely know your industry well.

Staffing agencies deliver talent quickly

When you do the hiring process in-house, you have to post the job and wait for candidates to come for you. Temp agencies keep a roster of recruits in the pipeline ready to go when the right opportunity arises. This means less time you’re left without a team member because they can quickly deliver a worker who’s already been checked and verified.

Staffing agencies offer a different perspective

Because their work is focused on assessing positions and delivering talent, staffing agencies can provide a fresh look at your hiring situation and provide insight about what candidates would be ideal for your positions. It’s not to say they know your company better, just that they know the staffing world well.

Staffing agencies have more options

Going through the process on your end means man hours, days, and weeks spent trying to find the right candidate. If it doesn’t work out, all the time is wasted and you’re back at square one. With a staffing agency, you don’t face the same risks. You can try the candidate they’ve recommended and if they don’t work, the temporary agency can quickly deliver another high-quality worker to see if they’re the right fit.

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