When it comes to hiring, it doesn’t matter if you’re hiring someone you believe is the perfect candidate or a body to fill a void – it’s always a gamble. You hope for the best and work to make the right decision, but you can never fully eliminate the risk of hiring someone who doesn’t work out. Because of this, one option to consider during the job search is hiring an underqualified candidate.

Your immediate thought about an underqualified employee may simply be “but they aren’t qualified!” Imagining what it would be if you did, you know there would be more training and leniency provided as they adapted to the role and setting. Knowing these risks, here are reasons why you should consider hiring someone who is under-qualified.

Good foundation of skills and experience

When you’re looking at their resume, it’s easy to dismiss them because they don’t meet your qualifications; however, maybe you should browse a little deeper. Look at where they’ve been and what they’ve accomplished. Even if they aren’t there yet, do they have the right foundation to become an excellent member of your team? If so, they might prove more valuable.

Groom them to your standards

A seasoned employee comes in with their own thoughts and expectations; an underqualified candidate comes in ready to learn and see what the position is like. Because of this, you can take the time to train the employee the way you want without having to break bad habits or presumptions. Even better, they’re excited to learn and eager to please. Plus, they have room to grow and improve, making them a more valuable asset to your team.

Different pay and negotiation expectations

Because of their professional status, they likely won’t come in demanding as much or going back and forth in negotiations to find the right price. Even though more training is needed at the outset, you’re taking a fresh employee and turning them into the kind you want for less than you’d have to pay a seasoned pro.

More likely to remain loyal

Giving someone a chance is one of the best gifts, and your underqualified employee is likely to remember that. If your working conditions and culture are pleasant, and you continue to help this employee grow, you’ll see more longevity in their career with you and a better attitude.

Better talent. Faster hires.

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