When your team needs additional support, you have a decision to make. You can either find room in the budget for permanent employees and determine long-term work they can do, or consider the option of temporary help. If temps seem like the better option, but you aren’t convinced of the value, here are a few benefits of hiring temporary workers to help you make your decision.  

You can save money

Like most businesses, you’re rightfully concerned with your bottom line, and temporary employees can help with that. Instead of a salary and benefits, you can find a team member at an hourly rate with reduced or no benefits. Depending on the length of time needed for the project, you can get the help you need without spending too much money.

You can get a fresh perspective

When you bring in a temporary hire, they are bringing a completely new and different set of skills and experience. Depending on the role, they’re able to make a difference with new insight and ideas to help speed along a project and make a positive difference.

You get a happier team

If your current team is overwhelmed and you bring in additional support to stop them from working excessive overtime, you’re improving the mood of your workplace. Even if they understood the work needed to be done, short-staffed working conditions can leave employees feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. Morale will instantly go up when they see you’ve taken positive action to help them.

You find new talent to hire full time

Just because someone starts as a temp doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. One of the great benefits of temporary hires is you can try a number of employees and see who fits with your culture and environment. You learn their personalities and work ethics in a different capacity than just an interview and can decide if they would make a good addition to your team. Plus, you can see their interactions with current employees and learn from them whether they would ease onto your team well.

Find temporary employees with TKO Construction Services

At TKO, we’re dedicated to assisting contractors in Minnesota, North Dakota and across North America in reducing annual construction labor expenditures while providing excellent temporary talent. When you need additional help, we can deliver who you’re looking for faster, meaning your project stays on time. Learn more about our temporary labor support and contact us to take the next step!

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