When you recognize the need to improve employee engagement, there are several ideas for your management team to explore. Sometimes you consider suggestions like new incentives and team-building activities, but you could be missing the biggest motivator: progress.


Engaging your team on a higher level could be as simple as improving how you communicate progress. Sharing the positive is vital, especially when research shows the negative effect a setback can have in the workplace. Here are five ways you can communicate progress with your team.


1. Start with SMART goals


Before you can reach a milestone, you need to set the bar. By setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely (SMART), you create a progress map for projects. The general goal of finishing is vague and doesn’t provide any guidance or satisfaction along the way. The more you break up goals, the more your team will feel accomplished as they tackle each step.


2. Find forward movement


Sometimes progress isn’t loud or noticeable, which means you have to seek it out. Pay attention to the work of your employees so when something good happens, you can call it out. By making a habit of this, you’re not only engaging your team better individually, but you are providing consistent encouragement to everyone.


3. Establish regular meetings


Understanding the positive correlation between regular feedback and employee engagement means finding time to sit down with your team members and discuss their work. Not only will they feel more appreciated, you’ll be able to see where everyone is at with their goals.


4. Celebrate progress


Whether you learned about movement in a meeting or from your general searching, make sure you are celebrating it. Both the small and large progressions are reasons to acknowledge the hard work of your team.


5. Stick with them when it gets challenging


Even looking for and celebrating all the wins doesn’t guarantee constant progress. Setbacks and hard times will occur and as the manager, it’s your job to keep them motivated and moving forward.


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