Stress is a biological reaction everyone experiences at some point. The level of stress and side effects vary by person, with some barely feeling it and others living with anxiety disorders. Because stress at work is so common, it’s helpful to have coping mechanisms that keep you from becoming overwhelmed. Check out the three steps below to help you turn stress into productivity.

  1. Stop living in denial

One of the most common reactions to stress is denial or diminishing it. The thought is if you don’t acknowledge it, it isn’t that bad. Unfortunately, this can make it much worse. Unchecked stress can fester and lead to a number of physical effects, like headaches and insomnia.

The key is to recognize it’s happening, embrace it, and work toward making it better. Instead of glossing over, you’re exploring the cause and focusing on what can be done. During this process, you can begin thinking about how to turn it into productivity.

  1. Change the conversation

When stress worms its way into your brain, it transforms everything into a threat. Tasks become overwhelming as you focus on everything that needs to be done and you begin convincing yourself it’s impossible. The more you make it a negative feeling, the more it will mess with you.

Instead of viewing it as harmful, try changing the mental conversation into a challenge. Recognize the hurdles in front of you, but don’t let them rule you. Figure out how and when you’re going to conquer each step and deal with what is stressing you out.

  1. Embrace your feelings

Because stress is a biological response, it releases dopamine in the brain which causes you to want to act. Usually, we fight this and instead feel like we can’t get anything done. By fighting this natural reaction, we’re making ourselves less productive.

By embracing your stress, you’re embracing the need to act and deal with the stressor. This is what your body is trying to do. Even when you want to fight the instinct to do it, let the reaction become productive.

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