In your company, you want to make sure your team is operating effectively at maximum productivity and that you’re improving your bottom line. You take steps to make sure these things are achieved, but you could be overlooking an essential part of your organization’s success: making sure your team feels valued.


Some camps would argue that we live in a time when too many people want to be recognized and it’s because of the millennials, so it’s not important. This is especially challenging if you’ve always conducted your business the same way without thinking about how your employees feel. Regardless of where you stand, research supports that companies where employees feel valued are more successful. Here are a few benefits to doing just that.


Valued employees are more productive


When their work is seen, they want to continue performing and achieving that high standard. Feedback doesn’t need to strictly be positive, either. Even if some correction is needed, an employee will value the time taken to help them.


Valued employees are more communicative


By appreciating your employees, you’re empowering them to share more. Communication lines will open, and information will be passed from employees to bosses and vice versa without fear of judgment. When you aren’t doing your part to recognize what they do, they, in turn, won’t trust you enough to be open.


Valued employees want to grow


If you worked in a place where everything you did went unnoticed, would you be passionate about growing your career there? Neither will your employees. If you want them to pursue growth, you have to first let them know both they and professional development are valued.


Valued employees stay with you


An employee who gives it their all without recognition or promotion will eventually grow tired and look for something else. The world isn’t lacking options and why would someone stay in a place they dislike when there might be a better environment out there? If you want committed employees, you need to invest in them.


Undervalued employees bring you down


Conversely, failing to value your team will create uninspired and dispassionate workers who show up most days but don’t put any effort into what they do. They aren’t trying to advance because their goal is to get out. Instead of talking to you, they talk about you.


While some employees will just be negative energy, in most cases you have the power to make a positive work environment where your team feels valued.


Better talent. Faster Hires.


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