Losing an employee is stressful for a number of reasons. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost a hard worker or someone who needed to go, an open position creates new problems across your organization. You want to fill it as soon as possible, but the hiring process is long and arduous.

What if we could tell you it didn’t have to be painful? Working with a staffing agency opens up a world of new possibilities for you, including less time and stress. Most people associate agencies with temporary positions, but many are able to provide whatever kind of hire you want. Here are a few benefits that come with using an employment agency for your direct hires.

Less time lost

Going through the hiring process means hours of lost time on your end. From updating the position description to posting to monitoring resumes to scheduling interviews to conducting interviews, etc., so much of your time gets wrapped up in finding a new employee. Working with a staffing agency means they do all that work for you, and all you need to worry about is making the final decision.

Guaranteed candidates

The gamble that comes with any hire is even if they seemed great when interviewing, they may ultimately be a bad fit. Employment agencies take the time to vet every candidate and learn more about them, so when you need a replacement, they can choose the person with the right qualifications and personality to fit into your culture. They aren’t just looking for people who can do a job when you need them; the agency is always on the search for good talent and can provide the right candidate.

Better commitment

Because part of the staffing agency’s process is getting to know their job seekers, they know what they’re looking for in their careers. If you want someone who’s in it for the long haul, they can present you with a candidate looking to settle in instead of a candidate who enjoys mixing it up with their employers.

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