Hiring the right workers makes all the difference when it comes to your company’s success. Bringing on the wrong talent can delay a project and end up losing you money. Knowing this, you want to make sure you’re looking for the right skills and qualifications with your construction candidates.

Relevant skills

This seems obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to see past experience based on how much you like the candidate. They may charm you the entire time but liking them doesn’t make them the right person to join your team. Whether you’re hiring for a specific job or just to add as a permanent employee, you want to stick to what they must be able to do.

Speaking style

What a candidate says is important; however, you also need to listen to how they say it. Their manner of speaking can be an indication of their personality. For example, you can discern, based on the speed of their responses whether they take time to consider an issue or just begin talking until they find their point. Voice volume can indicate shyness or boldness, depending on how soft or how loud they speak. Being a good communicator is essential and you can see this firsthand during the interview.

Plans to stay

If you want a worker who’s going to commit to your company for years, pay careful attention to a candidate’s resume. Here you can see how frequently they change jobs to determine their level of commitment. Asking can also be helpful, but a candidate may say what you want to hear instead of what is true about their work pattern.

Willing to stay loose

Flexibility is a crucial component of the employee you hire. You want a team player who’s willing to do what it takes to get their job done and aid the company. Sometimes this might mean work that’s “beneath them,” but a strong candidate is willing to go where you send them and do a good job. Rigidity can lead to conflict due to unbending wills, but a flexible worker helps mediate and find solutions.

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