The start of a new adventure is daunting no matter how old you are, whether it’s your first day in a new school or your first day at a new job. There’s the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and your brain running through every possible scenario of making friends and settling in properly.

Because we’re all aware of this feeling, it’s important for employers to take the time to make sure their new employees are welcomed into their new roles. Here are a few tips to help your recent hires fit in with the rest of the team.

Have everything ready for them

Don’t wait until the last minute to start getting everything set up, like computers, phones, and email. An employee starting at your company should be able to begin working that day. The faster they’re connected, they faster they can settle into their roles.

Make proper introductions

The key word here is properly – taking them around to everyone all at once and throwing every name at them isn’t proper. Find a better solution that works for your environment and keep it small to start. Introduce them to their teammates and co-workers who sit near to them. Set up meetings with other departments as their first week progresses to introduce them to new people. With a slow rollout, you’re helping them adjust at a more reasonable pace.

Provide a mentor

A mentor program in your office gives new employees someone to lean on in their early days so they have a connection, with someone dedicated to helping them adjust. It doesn’t even need to be someone they work with directly, simply a friendly employee who’s willing to help out.

Include company training in onboarding

Your new employee will need to learn about their job and what they’ll be doing, but they also need to learn about the company. Take time to review your culture and expectations with them. Talk about dress code, PTO policies, work-life balance and more. Essentially, think of everything you’d like to know about a new company and explain those details to the new hire. Instead of guessing, they will fit in faster knowing the ropes.

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