Human resources is about more than just hiring new employees. Professionals in HR also deal with the current company culture and finding ways to make it a better place to work. They’re focused on both recruitment and retention, which means they understand the benefits of developing their workplace. If you’re in a similar position, here are a few tips to improve your HR strategy. 

Start with your company culture

Ultimately, if you don’t have a good culture, nothing else matters. Some may stay for good benefits and pay, but in today’s competitive workforce, they don’t really need to. When you take time to make the culture positive, friendly and encouraging with open lines of communication, you’re creating a better space to keep and bring in new employees.

Build a mentorship program

This is a helpful option for new and seasoned employees. New hires will appreciate having someone to turn to as they adjust, and current team members will benefit from the opportunity to learn from someone more advanced in their career. You’re also helping to connect people in different departments which can make your culture feel more open.

Improve the onboarding experience

A bad or boring onboarding experience may set the tone for an employee’s tenure at your company. If they start their first day without a computer, plan, or assistance, they’re definitely getting off on the wrong foot. Develop an onboarding packet that goes through everything they need to know and take time prior to their arrival to get all of the tech set up and ready at their desk. Schedule meetings throughout the week and have a staff get-together to help introduce them.

Make a plan for staffing

Staffing shouldn’t become a concern when it’s time to hire someone new. Too often HR is busy with other tasks and that part of their job falls to the wayside, but it’s beneficial to have a hiring plan in place. Consider how your organization is growing and look into potential gaps in employees. Start building a pipeline of talent you could recruit if needed. By being prepared, you’re ready when it’s time to hire instead of scrambling.

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