Winter is drawing closer, but that doesn’t mean your construction business is winding down. As your projects continue into the colder months, you need to be prepared for the changing weather conditions in order to keep your team safe and warm. Here are four tips to help you keep your construction workers safe during winter. 

Check the weather

Weather conditions can change in a second and become especially dangerous during the winter. You don’t want to endanger your construction workers because you failed to check the weather frequently. Look for predictions of incoming storms and dropping temperatures so you can make sure your onsite team can prepare for whatever comes their way.

Monitor sites

After winter weather hits, you need to make sure a construction site is safe for your workers to return to once it clears. This is more than just checking ice and snowfall – look for other potential effects of the storm, including fallen trees and powerlines.

Secure the area by marking hazardous walking paths and putting salt down where needed. Don’t forget to check for and knockdown icicles. If accidentally bumped by your workers, they could potentially injure someone on the job.

Dress accordingly

Safety gear is always a must on a construction site, and this idea is heightened when it’s colder. Snowstorms are only one of your concerns – failure to make sure your team is wearing weather appropriate safety gear can lead to problems like hypothermia and frostbite.

Another way to help them stay warm is by providing a break area where heat is available, whether it’s a building, trailer or tent. Encourage regular breaks from your team to limit their chances of becoming ill from the cold.

Follow equipment procedures

Cold affects more than just human bodies, it can also hurt your machinery. Follow all the instructions and warm up the machines as advised. Failing to heed these guidelines can cause equipment to malfunction, break down, and potentially be the cause of an accident.

Similarly, drain tanks where water could freeze and consider the use of antifreeze where appropriate. Take any step that will help protect both your workers and your equipment at the site.

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