When you’re managing a construction site, you don’t want a team that goes through the motions to get the job done. This attitude can lead to mistakes and lackluster workmanship. You know the key is engaged workers who want to do a good job, and the key to this is proper motivation. While every team is motivated differently, here are a few important tips to help you motivate your construction employees.

Treat your team with respect

If you want a team that wants to work hard, you have to first show them respect through your leadership. This can be achieved in several ways, including being empathetic, remembering your workers are first and foremost humans, and being willing to pitch in and do your part.

Listen to them and don’t lose sight of their life outside of the site. They may bring some of their circumstances to work, and you don’t want to view them only as a workhorse. Also, don’t assume any job has to be done by them. If there’s a task that needs to be completed, do it yourself. This will again reinforce they are more than just people on the job to you,

Keep the vibe mellow

Deadlines are a real thing that makes it easy for the stress to kick in. As the supervisor, you control the tone on site. Instead of letting yourself panic, set realistic expectations without adding extra stress. Yelling at your team to get the job done won’t deliver the results you’re looking for any faster and may lead to more errors.

Show your gratitude after a long day

Whether it’s an intense project, unbelievable heat, or frigid cold, some days are going to be more demanding than others. When this happens, don’t let it go by without acknowledging the work that was done and your gratitude. An easy and effective way to show this is through an after-work meal on you.

Take time to celebrate all the wins

It doesn’t matter the size, just your willingness and attention to make sure achievements are acknowledged. It can be company-wide for a specific job or a shout out on site for a piece done exceptionally well. Financial incentives, such as yearly bonuses or project completion bonuses, are another way to celebrate a job well done.

Don’t be a stranger

This list is good but is dependent on your continued engagement. Popping in every once in a while to say thank you is nice, but it won’t help your team stay consistently motivated. You want to be a present leader, not to micromanage, but to support them at every turn.

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