Maintaining a safe job site is one of the top priorities for a construction company. There are procedures to follow and standards to measure against that help keep everyone accident-free on the job. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, incidents can still occur. Here’s what to do if there’s an accident at your job site.

  1. Start by assessing injuries to yourself and fellow workers

Right after the accident, you may feel okay and want to help others immediately. Before you jump up, take a moment to investigate your own potential injuries. Both adrenaline and shock can cause you to overlook what’s happened to you in favor of helping those around you.

Even though your reaction is to help, making sure you’re okay is crucial so you can deliver better help to others. Missing an injury could cause you to collapse or worse when trying to aid your co-workers.

After you’re sure you’re clear, begin checking other workers affected. Monitor the scene and see if any equipment is running that needs to be turned off. During this time, start assessing the status of the injuries.

  1. Contact who needs to be contacted

Once you know the severity of the incident and injuries, you can determine whether a 911 call is needed. Administer first aid to those you can but wait for the authorities before attempting to treat serious injuries.

Management will also need a report of what’s happened, so pay attention to the details around you and try to remember what happened leading up to the accident. The more information you can provide, the better, when completing the report.

  1. Make sure the site is secure

The final step post-accident is securing the job site. This includes moving any people you can away from the damage. If a worker requires professional care, do not touch them! Try to keep the equipment away from them as much as possible.

Even though you’re securing the site, you don’t want to disrupt it. In addition to your account, there will be an investigation into what happened and the less things that have been moved, the better.

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