A construction job comes with many goals, like completing the project within the deadline, but safety is always the top priority. When a site is safe, workers are more productive and positive, creating a more efficient site. Plus, costs remain lower without incidents, and deadline extensions aren’t necessary. A roadway project brings additional safety issues, but here’s how you can keep your employees working on the road safe.

It begins with your culture

If you don’t make safety a priority, it won’t become a part of your culture. This is more than hanging all the right posters and expecting your workers will read them. A safe culture is developed through frequent discussions and training, as well as enforcement of the rules.

Don’t let things slide

It can seem like you’re playing the bad guy, but safety should always be a hard line. Don’t just talk the talk about why it’s important, walk the walk of holding your team accountable. Without consequences, they may not understand why they need to follow the rules. Once it becomes known, you take the safety procedures seriously, your team will follow.

Dress them right

Every construction site requires its own kind of safety gear, and the roadside is no exception. The major component here is highly visible gear, like brightly colored vests and reflective panels. Anything they could be wearing, like helmets and raincoats, should stand out along the road.

Another important safety concern related to the right equipment is sunblock. Your team is outside all day, soaking up harmful UV rays. Even if they aren’t working in the summer, those rays can still do damage. Always provide sunscreen and make sure the importance is known.

Stop working so hard (where you can)

When it comes to new technology, the goal isn’t to eliminate human work and make certain tasks easier and more efficient. For roadside crews, new innovations like this can speed up their job and eliminate some of the danger of being exposed by moving vehicles. Nothing can replace your talented workers, but you can invest in the right tech to keep them safer.

Better talent, faster

When you need the right workers for the job, you don’t have time to wait. As one of the most trusted construction staffing agencies in North Dakota and Minnesota, TKO Construction Services exists to deliver the people you need when you need them. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you today!

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