A new employee’s experience at your company can be made or destroyed by their initial experiences. A bad first impression can lead to a hire doubting their decision to work for you and ultimately leaving. One of the keys to higher retention is creating a welcoming experience from the beginning. Here are a few ways to make your new employee immediately feel welcomed.

Have everything ready for them

If a new hire shows up for their first day and nothing is ready, it can leave them frustrated or confused. You knew they were starting, so why weren’t things like their emails and phones ready? It makes your company come off as disorganized and like you aren’t concerned about the onboarding experience.

Let your enthusiasm show

Think about it – how would you feel if it was your first day, and no one seemed to care that you were there? You hired this person for a reason, let them know you’re excited to have them on the team! This can be accomplished through verbal recognition, but also through the simple act of having everything ready because you can’t wait for them to start.

Keep it structured

The first day is overwhelming enough without just sitting at a desk all day, waiting for guidance. Have a schedule for at least the first day completed, including training times, conversation with HR, department meetings, lunch out, etc. By breaking up the day and being intentional about training, you’re setting your new hire up for more success because you aren’t leaving them to their own devices and expecting them to figure it out.

Show them around

Even though they probably will need to be reminded later, you can make the experience better by giving them a tour of the workplace and letting them settle into their own space. Take a moment to introduce them to people as you show them around so the faces seem a little less like strangers. In their workspace, make sure you leave a little goody bag to get them started, including some company swag!

Pair them with a seasoned employee

While you’re there to help guide them, a mentor can help with their transition to the job and give them someone else to learn from. This person can take them under their wing and help you in ensuring they acclimate well.

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