Without trust, your business will always be limited. Even if your employees work hard, you’ll never be as productive as you could be if you focused on earning their trust. Companies with a focus on building trust see more engaged employees with increased levels of efficiency. Consider it from your perspective – are you likely to work harder for someone you trust than someone you don’t? If the answer is yes, here are five ways you can build trust with your team.

  1. Show them you mean what you say

When you say you’ll do something, actually do it. The more you throw out promises and don’t follow through, the more they’ll learn they can’t trust you. By staying true to what you say, you’re establishing a base of trust that your team can rely on you.

  1. Keep it consistent

If one day you thank your team, the next day berate them for a poor job, and the day after that ignore them, your workers will never know what to expect. This creates a feeling of unease both in the job and toward you. By behaving in a similar manner day after day, they begin to learn they can depend on you.

  1. Don’t play favorites

It’s human nature to gravitate more toward certain people, but that doesn’t fly in business. When you pick favorites and treat them better, as a result, you’re sending a clear message to your team. This leads to distrust because unless they’re chosen, they don’t feel valued at all.

  1. Take the blame when needed

It won’t always be your fault, but as a manager, you have to be ready to accept responsibility for certain things. An easy way to destroy trust is to avoid this and throw your workers under the bus. They want to see you have their back in all situations, not just when it’s convenient for you.

  1. Develop your team

Weak managers fear being overshadowed and don’t work on developing their team. A way to show you believe in your team and want them to succeed is through team building and other exercises designed to help them be better both individually and corporately.

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