Good communication goes a long way, no matter the industry you work in. Without it, you cannot be as efficient or successful. Knowing this, construction managers need to learn how to communicate effectively at their job sites. There are unique challenges, including a lack of technology like email and noise levels, that create barriers in relaying information. Here are four tips to help you improve communication at your work site.

Start with your work culture

If your culture is negative, communication will also be hindered. Your workers won’t feel like they have the chance to voice their questions and concerns. As a construction manager, you need to pay attention to your work environment and determine if it’s healthy. Take a look at how often you’re communicating and if you’re listening, because culture and communication go hand in hand.

Make roles clear

If you’re the person who has to make all the decisions on a worksite, you’re doing it ineffectively. There should be a clear chain of command on site that empowers workers at different levels to make decisions, so production isn’t halted while they wait. This way, everyone will know who to turn to with questions, and when situations need to be escalated higher.

Don’t overcommunicate to the point of confusion

You want to keep your workers informed without overwhelming them. This can be a hard line to walk, but you must be mindful. The more you dump, the less likely they are to retain as much, ultimately causing information to get lost. Keep the messages simple to avoid confusion along the way.

Develop hand signals to cut through the noise

To avoid yelling, radios might be used to communicate across the site, but shouldn’t be relied on because there’s always the chance of failure. Develop hand signals to use that all your workers know, so no matter how loud or what technology is available, you can indicate easily recognizable commands.

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