The nature of ever-changing construction projects continues to make them some of the most dangerous in the workforce, typically leading in annual workplace deaths. This is a scary reminder of the importance of worksite safety procedures. While not every accident can be prevented, here are four ways you can improve your job site safety to make them less likely.

Plan for safety from the start

Safety procedures for a job site are not one-size-fits-all. Every new project brings different hazards, meaning you need to take time when planning for safety measures. Track where issues may present themselves along the way and determine precautions for every stage of the job. This is an intensive process, but it can save lives down the line.

Build safety stages into your plan

Once the site is established, create staging areas for safety. You’ve already identified the risks, and now you can make visual reminders, including limited access and barricades, to remind your team where they can and cannot go. These staging areas can also have extra tools and first aid kits to provide ready access for workers, so they don’t have to put themselves more at risk by going from one end of the site to another.

Hold regular meetings

You want everyone to be equally trained, but this takes effort on your part to make sure they are. Hold meetings for changing procedures, new hires, and different phases, so everyone remains caught up on the current safety plans. These briefings will outline areas of hazard and what needs to be done to make sure accidents are avoided. This way, you aren’t relying on word of mouth or for your team to read signs; you’re reviewing important information with them.

Keep careful watch

There should also be someone on site who’s tasked with looking for safety concerns and making adjustments where necessary. They can ensure that workers are following the procedures to keep themselves and others around them safe. Because this person can’t be everywhere at once, it’s important to invest in technologies, such as cameras and drones, that can monitor more areas simultaneously to help you keep a better watch on the site and workers.

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