New developments are being made to solve construction site problems and make it a safer environment for workers. While no technology can replace the necessity of safety protocols and policies, these recent advancements will help in avoiding on-site accidents.

Safety glasses with augmented reality

Augmented reality, or AR, is becoming a game-changer on a construction site. When employed with safety goggles or glasses, it can help a worker visualize the different phases of a construction project. This technology can also help monitor the temperature to make sure it remains at a safe level and monitor site equipment.

A smarter safety vest

A safety vest is an essential piece of construction uniform, but now it can do more than just make a worker more visible. Beyond just reflective strips and neon colors, new smart vests have LED lights and sensors that can detect the lighting on a site and respond for enhancing visibility. Some will monitor the wearer for any changes in the vital signs and let them know should something seem off.

Improved sensors

As on-site sensors improve, so does a worker’s ability to keep track of the job site. Whether it’s measuring noise levels, dangerous materials, or weather, a sensor can detect a problem and help avoid accidents at your site. Plus, they can immediately notice if something has gone wrong and contact the authorities quickly, shortening the crucial response time from emergency services.

An updated hard hat

Almost synonymous with construction is the hard hat, but now it can do more than just protect the exterior of your head. New technology is enabling companies to monitor the fatigue level of an employee to make sure they’re alert on the job. An improvement like this can keep workers and their teams safe from a fatigue-related accident.

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