The year 2020 is here, and with it comes a new set of trends from the construction industry. Unsurprisingly, many trends relate to evolving technologies and how they can be employed at the construction site. With a goal toward constant improvement, here are 5 construction trends for you to know this year.

  1. Sustainability

While not related directly to technology, sustainable building is often improved by modern advancements in how things are done. The idea of trying to build sustainable isn’t new, but it also isn’t going away. With improvements in insulation and energy storage, new innovations are emerging that are less harmful to the environment and make the future less expensive for everyone.

  1. Virtual, augmented, and mixed realities

The combination of these growing technologies have served building designers well as they can create complete renderings to present ideas. Clients are able to walk through everything while construction and maintenance workers can see the details hiding in the walls to make their jobs easier. Using these technologies, BIM is also vastly improved.

  1. BIM, or building information modeling

As virtual, augmented, and mixed realities grow in popularity, so does BIM. When designing a construction project, building information modeling allows you to plan and design the building and infrastructure and see a complete rendering.

  1. 3D Printing

Also aided by different reality technologies is 3D printing. With this, you can design the exact item you’re looking for, which can save you material and labor cost when you’re doing it either on- or off-site. It could be a piece you need for a project or a model of what you’re working on. No matter what, the ability to print exactly what you want in a tangible way is going to continue to change the construction process.

  1. Robotics

This one is more surprising, considering construction has typically preferred manual labor, but new advancements are making the industry safer. For example, robots can demolish a building faster and more safely than a crew of workers. Plus, they can do a time-consuming job quicker and more accurately based on their programming.

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