Employee evaluations are likely something you value and dread all at the same time. Assessing performance and growth is extremely beneficial, but the time involved can be a lot on you as you monitor and track everything throughout the year. What if there was an easier way? Here’s how you can effectively evaluate your team in 2020.

Start with goals

By having your employee set goals that align with those of your organization, you’re giving them a way to improve and you a way to monitor the growth. This way, come evaluation time, you aren’t giving a review in the abstract but related to their performance over the year and their level of success with their goals.

Check-in regularly

The best way to avoid being unaware and overwhelmed when it’s time for employee evaluations is to check in frequently with your team. Ask them how things are going and ask for progress reports. This way, you have a way of checking in to see how things are going to you aren’t blindsided during a review.

Provide feedback

During your follow up, don’t be afraid to provide suggestions for improvement. Not only can this create better results, but you’re also showing your employees you’re on their side and want to help throughout the process. Similarly, you can also ask for feedback from them and see if there’s anything you can do to assist them with their progress.

Document throughout the year

One of the worst ideas is to wait to write anything down until it’s time to evaluate the employee. By keeping track of what you see and your interactions throughout the year, you’re ready to discuss everything with them when the time comes. Plus, instead of cobbling together what you think was happening, you have notes from the moment that can make everything more accurate.

Repeat the process

Completing the evaluation isn’t the end of your work. Depending on how they did or what the next steps are, you have to be ready to continue helping and supporting them as you move into the new year and new goals.

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