If you employ construction and general labor talent, you may need temporary employees from time to time. Whether it’s a specific job or project, you might add help until it’s completed but not plan to keep them permanently. Being aware of this, some temporary team members can struggle with motivation or feeling like they’re a part of the team. Here are four tips to keep this from happening.

  1. Team building

While many people do this with permanent teams, they may overlook the value with temporary employees. By setting goals and various challenges, you’re inviting all employees in all departments, whether contract or permanent, to be a part of the team and work together. This inclusive approach will make them feel as if they belong.

  1. Offer training

Your temps are likely hired to do a specific job and may need specific training. Use your full-time people to teach them as it will build relationships and create a natural mentor situation. This way, the contract employee is walking away with new knowledge and help from another employee, and your worker is gaining valuable experience in leadership.

  1. Consider bonuses

Depending on who you work with or your company, a temp likely makes less than your other full- and part-time workers. This is unavoidable given the circumstances, but it doesn’t mean the incentives have to be exclusive. Consider the possibility of a cash bonus open to all employees, regardless of status. It will again create a feeling of equality amongst your team despite the differences in status.

  1. Work with a staffing agency

Ultimately, one of the best ways to find the temporary talent you need is to partner with a staffing agency. In building their pipeline, they’re finding individuals who are looking for specific kinds of work, like part-time or temporary, that have the exact skills you need. This way, when you add a temp through them, the expectation is clear, and many of the normal motivational issues are removed.

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