Bringing on new talent is an ongoing process that doesn’t end after the offer letter is sent. Extensive training is required to help the worker learn the ropes at your company and fully acclimate to your style. While these are good things, the actual process can be time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating, depending on your system. Instead of letting training break you, try these four tips to properly train your new construction employees.

Begin with safety training

Basic on-site safety should be your starting point with training to make sure an accident doesn’t occur while the worker is still in training. From there, continue to include it in all other areas to make sure the importance of safety and your procedures are being taught and reiterated. At the end of the day, there isn’t a more important focus than safety.

Practice patience and equality

Remember that training can be frustrating. One reason for this could be the speed at which an employee takes to grasp concepts or learn a new skill. Even though it seems like something they should get, you need to remember how long you’ve been doing this and extend them patience.

Similarly, if you’re training more than one new employee at once, don’t favor those who understand things without issues. It can be hard to avoid favoritism if one continually provides delays, but you have to remain neutral. Plus, everyone has a starting place, and this worker may need your support.

Make it engaging

Considering learning styles vary, you want to make sure your training process includes points for everyone to help ensure the message is hitting. This includes hands-on training as well as dynamic lessons featuring visuals. Standing in a room in front of a few people reading through a handbook probably won’t resonate but creating visual elements that align with your message can help connect the words to what the workers see and cement the concept in their memories.

Consider a mentor system

If a new hire feels they haven’t been trained properly, they will likely feel disconnected and eventually want to leave. By developing a system where established and patient workers are paired with new employees, you can give them a working relationship right off the bat and give them another layer of training and support through their mentor.

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