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Construction workers on work site


Company Overview

TKO Construction Services is a nationally recognized staffing firm supporting clients across the United States. Headquartered in Minnesota, we have employees working in over thirty states on short and long-term projects. No staffing firm will work harder in helping you find the right fit in the quickest time. We are ready for you!


No matter your location, our team can help.  If you are ready for a different solution to the same old staffing problems ... it's TKO time.

Founded in 2012, TKO Construction Services offers reliable and work-ready skilled craftspeople nationwide.  We partner with some of the largest companies in the United States serving commercial, residential, restoration, heavy industrial, and energy sector construction firms.  We also have large agriculture, industrial cleaning, and maritime practices. 

We provide custom staffing solutions that enable contractors and industrial businesses to mitigate supply chain and skilled labor shortage challenges in order to maximize workforce productivity.  We deliver this by deploying flexible and work-ready contract employees across the United States.  In addition, we help clients take control over labor costs related to workers’ compensation, unemployment, benefits, human resources, and other labor-related areas.

Contact one of our representatives today for an innovative solution to your biggest staffing challenges.

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