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Keeping Your Construction Employees Happy

As the workforce continues to evolve, what you used to do both find and retain employees isn’t working as well. It’s true workers still want competitive wages, good hours, and decent benefits, but it doesn’t end there. Now there’s something more elusive they’re seeking – happiness.

Younger generations want stability, but they don’t want to miserable getting it. Because of this, they won’t stay if it doesn’t feel like it’s a good fit or delivering what they ultimately want. Because of this, you need to make sure you’re considering the more day-to-day experience of your team in addition to what you give them to work there. Here are four suggestions to keep your construction employees happy.

Focus on training

If you want to make sure your team is highly trained, you have to take the initiative yourself. Provide continual opportunities for growth and encourage it in your company. By making sure your workers have every opportunity to improve their skills and advance, you will see more content and loyal team members.

Keep everything running

In some companies, things seem to be breaking all the time. You never know when you come in what isn’t going to be working, which can be draining for employees day after day. Whether its comfort-related, like air conditioning or actual machinery, you want to invest in quality items and repairs.

Make your priorities known

Engaged employees need to be engaged, which means you need to take the time to review and discuss things with them. With your specific priorities in mind, you can have daily meetings to review these priorities and all related issues instead of just expecting them to know what’s going on. Without this structure, your team may feel adrift and more likely to leave.

Focus on workload management

Many companies view this as not putting too much on a person’s plate, but it can look like the opposite in construction. Seasonal workers are likely to leave when opportunities lessen due to weather and seek work elsewhere. You want to make sure you have consistent offerings for them to stay on your team long-term. Don’t wait until a project ends to look for something else – constantly be scheduling and managing projects to keep your team busy (but not overworked).

Let us meet your construction labor needs

Even with a consistent, permanent worker-base, we know sometimes you need to add contract or temporary workers for a project. When this happens, partner with one of the most trusted names in construction staffing, TKO Construction Services. Learn more about our staffing services today!

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