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Indiana Construction and Labor Job Market

You worked hard in training up your construction skillsets. You work harder even every day on the job. You shouldn't have to work hard in finding a job in an on-demand industry.

We understand that the pandemic might have affected the current state of the industry for some, but we are here to provide you with the ultimate support in you finding your next construction gig.

Who we are

We are TKO Construction Services – your one-stop staffing agency that will help place you with your next opportunity. You can focus on delivering an excellent job while we work to keep your jobs coming.

We have extensive experience in the industry and have many partnerships with the local construction scene that is always looking for high quality and an on-demand construction crew. Our area covers the entire Indiana area.

What if I don’t have any experience?

That’s ok too! We also work with those that are considering a career change and want to get their feet wet (both figuratively and literally). We focus on those roles that get you working with a crew and will provide on the job training for your intended work.

Eventually, if you feel this is a fulfilling career you can work on specializing in a particular field and growing your skillset through that specialization.

That’s great! What type of roles do you offer?

One of our hottest roles and always in demand is our Hydro Blaster / Industrial Cleaner. This is one of the few roles that we offer for both experienced construction workers and those that want to consider getting into the industry. It requires a steady head with a safety-first mindset.

You will not only learn an in-demand role but also grow within the role and become a full-fledged technician. Learning the skills and on the job training for this type of role will keep you with plenty of work as this is one of the highest on-demand positions on the market right now.

We also offer general labor and sanitation roles in a myriad of positions, as well as warehousing that are at different levels of experience. We always ensure that we work only with the best companies and that is why whenever we refer one of our candidates to them, they can easily trust our experience and knowledge and ensure a smooth onboarding process. If you find yourself becoming a licensed and skilled tradesman looking for work, we also have from time to time amazing opportunities that will fit perfectly with your skillset.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, even if we may not have the current role you are interested in available. We are always adding more roles to our job inventory and as soon as we have a match, you will be one of our first calls to help you get you back to working and focused on developing your career. The only way we cannot help you is if you choose not to reach out to us!

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