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Women in Construction

Right now is an incredibly exciting time for anyone to be entering the construction industry. Over the next two years, it’s predicted that more than two million new projects will be started within the United States. There’s no better time for women to be looking for construction jobs. As a construction recruiting agency, we are continually searching for hardworking individuals who want to be involved in these projects. Regardless of where you are based in the country, we are always looking for women to be better represented within the industry and to begin their journey working in construction.

Construction Jobs for Women

Within the United States, 50% of the workforce is made up of women. However, in the construction industry, women account for only 10% of construction jobs. As a construction staffing agency, we need to start trying to fill this enormous gap within construction jobs. TKO Construction Services is working hard to bridge this gap and encourage more women to take on exciting and fulfilling roles within construction.

Using More Inclusive Language

One of the key areas that we need to focus on is the language that we use currently. For example, we refer to workers as “tradesmen,” and many different positions fall into this category. We’ve got to start making this term more inclusive and switch over to “tradespeople.” Women are doing all of the jobs that fall under this category already, including carpentry, metalwork, and much more. They have the ability, skills, and strength to do all of these positions, and using more inclusive language is a shift the entire industry needs to make.

Targeting Women for Construction Jobs

The next area of consideration for the industry is targeting women to attract them to fill construction jobs. As a construction recruiting agency, we can work to target women during their job search, with networking sessions and by highlighting women in the industry currently. By showcasing the opportunities for women to progress in the industry and enjoy a challenging career, we can show that women are welcome in the industry at any stage in their life.

Developing Apprenticeships

As an industry, the other way to attract women to construction jobs is through apprenticeships. We can find talented and hardworking individuals who can be taught the skills they’ll need for the trade. Apprenticeships are an excellent way to do this, and here at TKO Construction Services, we plan to ask our clients if they can take on apprentices. Our construction staffing agency intends to offer these opportunities to women, which we’ll achieve by finding local women who are capable and excited to join the industry.

Fighting the Stereotypes

To attract more women in the construction industry, we need to fight the stereotypes that are currently in place. The behavior and language used on job sites today are incredibly outdated, and it’s time for the industry to start working together to train employees on how to fight these stereotypes. This will help to foster an inclusive environment that is more in keeping with the way the rest of the world is operating.

Whether you are an employer looking to add more women to your team or an individual searching for construction jobs, contact our team today at TKO Construction Services for more information about how we can help you.

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