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Women in construction


Women In Construction

Be EEO Compliant: Hire A Qualified Female Now!

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Looking to hire the best and qualified female construction workers and general labor talent on a permanent or temporary basis? The experts at TKO Construction Services have got you covered.

Welcome to TKO Construction Services, the #1 construction recruiters and light industrial recruiters in Minnesota & North Dakota. We help connect construction firms looking to hire the best and qualified construction workers with their dream employees.

W e ’ l l    h e l p    y o u    f i n d    t h e    p e o p l e    y o u    n e e d    f a s t e r .

We're available to staff your construction firm with the best and qualified hands in the construction labor market from anywhere you are in the United States.

Hire a qualified female construction worker today!

Did you know that study has revealed that the construction industry is one of the top industries worldwide that are being short-staffed by female workers? It further reveals that 9 out of every 100 construction workers in the United States are females. This only implies that construction firms are known to consciously or unconsciously discriminate against female construction workers. This is bad!

However, with the Equal Employment Opportunity law (EEO) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that ensures that construction firms in the United States are compliant with the law, many construction firms are increasingly finding a need to balance their workforce. And guess what? You shouldn't be left out. Leverage TKO Construction Services to find the best and qualified female construction workers today.

Go for skilled and qualified workers over gender today!

In a world where there are qualified female construction workers, it's only wise to go for the best hands available in the construction labor market. This helps you to scale up your business by improving productivity. It as well makes your construction firm EEO compliant.

Be EEO compliant today! Contact the TKO Construction Services to hire the best, qualified and available female construction workers...

Go for quality!



Some of the top roles to fill up by qualified female construction workers include

  • Contractors

  • Architectural Glass and Metal Technician

  • Brick and Stone Mason

  • Cement (Concrete) Finisher

  • Concrete Pump Operator

  • Construction Boilermaker

  • Construction Craft Worker

  • Construction Millwright

  • Drywall Finisher and Plasterer

  • Drywall, Acoustic, and Lathing Applicator

  • Electrician — Construction, and Maintenance

  • Electrician — Domestic and Rural

  • Exterior Insulated Finish Systems Mechanic

  • Hazardous Materials Worker etc.

  • Ironworker — Structural and Ornamental

  • Native Residential Construction Worker

  • Painter and Decorator — Commercial and Residential


Contact our expert team today to get started with your female construction workers' recruitments.

Leverage the expertise and experience of TKO Construction Services today and you can rest assured knowing you're getting the best and qualified female construction workers!



Get started!

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